General Scheme for Staff


Job opportunities and job descriptions

The Management Board, once the yearly Law on State Budget has been approved, proposes the approval of job opportunities for staff to the Plenum of the Court of Auditors; they shall comply with the pubic service legislation.

The Court of Auditors, in a manner analogous to that established for all public administrations, has its own civil servants and contract agents job posts including the name and essential characteristics of the job, the additional salary benefits they are assigned and the requirements for their performance.  Approval and modification corresponds to the Plenum of the Court, at the proposal of the Management Board.


Instruments of representation and participation of staff serving the Court of Auditors

The representation and participation of civil servants in establishing working conditions within the Court of Auditors are carried out by the staff meeting and the negotiating table, which are governed by the general rules for the public service.

As regards contract agents, the aforementioned functions of representation and participation are put into practice through the Works Council and the Joint Committee on Performance, Monitoring, Study and Application of Collective Agreement.


General regulations on the service at the Court of Auditors

The rules for recruitment, provision of jobs, rights, duties, incompatibilities, bases of the remuneration system, Social Security, cessation of the employment relationship and disciplinary regulation for staff serving at the Court of Auditors are established in the general rules of Public Service.