The Library of the Court of Auditors reports to the General Secretariat, in accordance with Article 17.3 of the Law on the of the Court of Auditors. It specializes in the legal-financial public sector sphere Library. This Library specializes in the legal-financial field of public sector.

The Library collection contains monographs, reference works and periodicals; it also provides the list of Audit Reports, Memoranda, Motions and Memos approved by the Plenum of the Court of Auditors.

The bibliographic database computer collects the funds since 1986, with over 25,000 references.

Catalogue access: You can access the catalogue of the Library funds through:  GENERAL SEARCH ENGINE, which includes all computerized collection of the Library.

Selective access is also possible, according to the information required by the "Advanced Search" available in the same browser.

Bibliographic documents

In addition to providing bibliographic information and accommodating the questions, the Library produces quarterly procurement bulletins and Documental Data Collection Journals.  Especially notable among them are:

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