Other institutional activities

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Besides institutional relationships with external audit bodies of the Autonomous Regions, the Court of Audit carries out various activities related to other national institutions, such as universities or professional associations, among others, with a view to achieving greater efficiency and relevance of the external audit of economic and financial activity of the public sector and the maximum dissemination of the proceedings of the Court of Audit.

In particular, several cooperation agreements have been signed with public and private universities in order to facilitate the training of students in matters relating to the management of public affairs. Following these agreements, students of such universities have received theoretical and practical training on the activity of the Court of Audit.

An agreement with the General Council of Prosecutors of the Courts of Spain and the Prosecutors Association of Madrid has also been signed, in order to facilitate the exercise of enforcement of final judgements in accounting jurisdiction procedures to improve efficiency in the return of public funds that have suffered any damage.

It is also common that delegations from other institutions visit the Court of Audit, with special emphasis on knowledge of external audit activity developed, and there is frequent contact with the other State constitutional bodies.