Court staff

Plenary Hall

Civil servants

The civil servant staff of the Court of Audit is composed of:

  • The civil servants of the Court's own bodies: the Senior Government Lawyers and Auditors of the Court of Audit and the technical body of external audit and control of the Court of Audit.

  • The civil servants of the Public Administration and Social Security, classified by groups A, B, C and D by Law 30/1984 of 2 August, on Measures for the Reform of Public Service (currently, groups A, B and C of the Real Decreto Legislativo 5/2015, de 30 de octubre, which passes the consolidated version of the Basic Statute of Public Employees).


Contract agents

The Court of Audit, within available budgetary provisions, may hire contract agents for those permanent positions included in the list of posts for such agents.

The contract agents serving the Institution are applied the Collective Agreement for the contract agents of the Court of Audit, signed by the negotiating committee on 13 November, 2002, whose validity is tacitly extended for periods of one year unless terminated by any party.

Contract agents are classified into seven groups, according to the academic qualifications required for their performance, and are organized in professional categories.


Temporary agents

It comprises the staff hired for functions expressly qualified of trust or special to senior officials, who is subject to the terms of appointment and dismiss provided for such staff by the Law on the Court of Audit and the Basic Statute of Public Employees. The dismissal of temporary employees is automatic when the Counsellor to whom they are assigned are dismissed. In no case can they take jobs assigned to civil servants at the service of the Court of Audit in the corresponding description of jobs.