Pomo de puerta

The Court of Auditors shall take all necessary measures so that the information on the website is accessible by all users, minimizing technological restrictions and those caused by different forms perception by users.

Therefore, it complies with the Spanish legal framework (Law 34/2002, Law 11/2007, etc.) On Web accessibility providing that public administrations shall take the necessary measures so that the information available on their websites and electronic services can be accessed by anyone.

In order to achieve this, W3C standards are applied and accessibility guidelines level AA, verified by appropriate tests are followed. In addition, many of the level AAA checkpoints are satisfied, providing the highest levels of web accessibility.

Additional accessibility guidelines

In addition to the proper construction of the websites according to these standards, the Court of Auditors has followed some accessibility guidelines in the design of the site itself:

  • Text alternatives have been used for graphics and multimedia elements.
  • It has avoided the use of options, links or buttons that have no alternative text.
  • Fonts and characters completely visible in any device by most users have been used.
  • Appropriate colour ranges that take into account differences in colour perception of all users (such as colour blindness) have been applied.
  • No dynamic contents are used, automatic updating of pages, redirects, etc.

The navigation structure of the Web is clear, consistent and easily understood by all users.